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Small to medium enterprises shoulder many of the risks and obligations that apply to bigger businesses – but often lack the resources to get the best value from their insurances, or fully understand all the risks they need to insure against.

This is the point where we can play a vital role for you. Thoroughly understanding the nature of your business and helping you assess the risks and obligations you should insure. Cover such as Public Liability, Directors Liability, Cyber Risk, Business Disruption, Professional Indemnity and Legal Risk all need to be carefully considered, along with more obvious needs to protect the property assets of your business.

We specialise in combining cover into one or just a few blended insurance policies. This simplifies management and may reduce the cost of your premiums. We also have a range of buildings, contents, vehicle, and equipment cover that we can match to your particular operation.

Workers ‘Compensation is another area where we can act as a knowledgeable source, helping you understand obligations to employees, casual and contractors. Other critical business cover also needs to be assessed in relation to how you run your business – whether you operate from one location or many. We help make sure all locations have all relevant insurances in place.

Employment Relations and Public and Products Liability are other areas where an SME business may not have an in-house knowledge bank to help them understand how these lesser-known types of cover can offer essential protections.