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This a relative new area of insurance cover that we believe is now essential for many organisations that offer advice and services supporting information technology. This area is now a critical component of the day-to-day viability of almost all aspects of working life. And we can help mitigate the liabilities and risks of both companies and professionals providing service related to the field of IT.

Our specialisation in this area will be of value to many organisations that may not actually see themselves as full blown IT experts. It is manly focused on those working in critical areas such as banking and financial systems, the health and medical sector, the resource sector, particularly in relation to oil and gas, and related transport systems, warehousing and cold chain logistics, radar and navigation systems, process control, the power generation sector and defence.

We can advise on Extended Continuous Cover, Contractual Liability, Key Man Loss, as well as Product Recall Expenses. Talk to us about your work in the IT area and we will explain how we can help you mitigate the risks.