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We specialise in advising you on finding Workers’ Compensation solutions suited to your organisations legal and ethical requirements. As this insurance protects your organisation from many of the financial costs flowing from an employee sustaining a work-related injury or disease, it’s a critical part of you overall insurance choices. It also often a legal requirement of their employment.

This cover matters a lot to the people who work with you – providing weekly payments for loss of earning capacity, payment of reasonable medical and rehabilitation expenses, and other entitlements. So, we believe there is duty to the community for us to do the best we can to help find the most appropriate solutions. We will also help you manage the stress that often comes when a claim needs to be made by helping you manage the claim process.

If you wish to first talk to us about how the premium rate for your insurance policy will be calculated, we can also advise how this rate can be appealed and outline your obligations to declare the amount of wages paid to your workers.

In Western Australia you can of course obtain this insurance by directly engaging a WorkCover WA approved insurer. But our clients find it is often simpler, more efficient and less stressful, to use our services as an insurance adviser to negotiate with an insurer for you. This often makes sense as we are arranging other insurances for their organisation, and the knowledge gained in doing this helps us facilitate the management of their workers comp needs.

If you wish you can take a look at the Insurance Brokers’ Code of Practice, this describes what you can expect when dealing with us as your Workers’ Compensation insurance adviser. It outlines the responsibilities of each party in the process. We pride ourselves in meeting all of these, and where possible going further.