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We offer a deep understanding of the special insurance needs of contract builders, developers, and the broader construction industry. We’re happy to discuss your Contract Works Insurance needs and help you set up the right policy to match the work you’re undertaking.

The insurances we may recommend include Builders All Risk with Contract Works Insurance that protects your work in progress for damage caused by fire, storm, water, impact, malicious damage, vandalism, or theft of materials – on or offsite and cover. This can also cover for materials in transit from depot to the work site.

The key to finding the right style of cover and the right balance of premium cost is understanding the nature of your work and the particular market you build for. We’ll work closely with you, visiting you on site if needed.

This style of insurance usually covers your project until completion and we strongly recommend you ensure its in place before any work commences as this can impact your ability to get the protection you need later in the project.

Cover can be arranged contract by contract on a specific basis, in the form of single policies. Or if you are more certain about your workflow, we may recommend you take out annual cover. This may well be more cost effective and policy premiums can be later adjusted to account for actual turnover, or the value of contracts commenced during the 12-month period of the policy.